quicktip: xsession support on fedora

Back when I had a bit more hair, everything was easy: I had an .xinitrc with a glorious fluxbox setup, booted into runlevel 3, logged in and typed startx. The world was simple.

At some moment I grew somehow into one of those persons that boot into runlevel 5 and use a full blown desktop environment, instead of their hand-crafted desktop potpourri.

Be that as it may, as I said a few weeks ago, I am considering to learn a tiling window manager. The procrastination thinking has an end now: I decided to learn me some xmonad. Right now my setup is basically a copy of the howto on the haskell wiki, but I am starting to somewhat get it.

So where is the tip?

After all this introduction here is the actual thing I wanted to get to: For some reason or another, the good old startx way of doing things no longer works for me, at least on my fedora system. That is however not a problem, since displaymanager for X like kdm or gdm have support for xsessions, which start a file called $HOME/.xsession upon login (older people here, will understand, what I mean). It turns out, that they still do that, but not by default. So to make it easy for all of us here: This is the one true commandline that got it all working for me:

sudo yum install xorg-x11-xinit-session

Once you have that, you can select the User script entry in gdm or kdm and your .xsession file will be used for starting up your desktop environment.

Those were a lot of words for such an easy task, but it helps if google duckduckgo indexes this information for other generations to come.

P.S.: I spent some (lunch break) minutes at work trying to find the right package on an ubuntu system, but I could not find it. Has anyone a clue, which one it is?