tiling windowmanager?

If you follow my multi-topic entertainment channel on twitter, you know, that I am a big fan of the medium, since it can trigger interesting discussions out of a random tweet. This happened earlier, with a tweet, where I said, I would like to learn a tiling window manager.

I know at least two people (@ptr_here and @jaroslov_pioski), which are big fans of ion3 and it seems that @tvlooy and @treyka are users or even fans of xmonad. @Bob_Sheep has used awesome and i3wm, of which I only knew the first, until now.

I have used quite some window-managers and desktop environments in my life (even CDE), but I could never force myself to use a tiling window manager for longer than an hour or so. I bet it is totally worth it, to invest the time, as much as it is to learn vim. I guess I will give xmonad for the total geekyness of being written in haskell another chance.

If you are using a tiling windowmanager, please join the conversation and leave a comment, which one and why!